Big Skinny Tri Fold Sports Wallet


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Big Skinny offers tri fold wallets for those who just can’t seem to let go of their trusty tri fold. So you tried the money clip and then you evaluated the bi fold. You wanted to consolidate everything into a smaller space but just couldn’t. Hey – at least you tried! For people who just can’t seem to give up their trifold wallet but don’t want the extra bulk, we present to you womens and mens trifold wallets that stay skinny no matter how many cards you stack together. And they’re still 5-6 times skinnier and lighter than your average tri fold wallets. With space for 20-25 full size plastic cards, you’ll never have to wonder where you threw that Buy One Get One Free card you got three years ago.


Large billfold area with clear divider for currency, receipts, etc.
4 extra large pockets for credit cards
1 extra wide pocket for credit cards and IDs
2 oversized hidden pockets for extra storage

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Big Skinny Trifold

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