Large Red Princess Air Plant Arrangement


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This stunning Red Princess Houston air plant makes a dramatic arrangement in a glass bowl. The Houston Red Princess is a beautiful air plant that is easy care and makes a big impact as a centerpiece, home d├ęcor item, or gift.

  • East care, Water once a week by removing from the bowl and immersing upside down in a bowl of water. Shake off excess water and return the plant to the bowl.
  • Indirect light. Any room with a window will provide enough light. Fluorescent lights will also be sufficient.
  • No fertilizing or soil required. This plant gets nutrients through its leaves from air and water.
  • Houston Red Princess has a beautiful red bloom. (Shipped plants are not blooming)
  • 8 inch glass bowl included.
  • Fill not included. Use rock, marbles, sand, shells or any other non porous material as fill. Requires approximately two cups of fill. (Do not use soil.)
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