Mason Bee House


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A mason bee house is a bundle of of bamboo tubes that provide a place for mason bees to reproduce. The bees gather pollen and nectar to feed their young. Mason bees are excellent pollinators for the garden. They are native to the United States. Mason bees lead a solitary life rather than in a hive. They lay a series of eggs in a tube and then seal off the end. The larva will emerge after a period of time and increase the number of the pollinators in your garden. Place you mason bee house about eye height and at least 4 feet off the ground. The mason bee prefers to have the holes facing east. This protects them from the late afternoon sun.

  • Raise the productivity of your garden
  • 10.1 X 6.3 X 4.2 inches
  • 2.15 pounds
  • All natural product, made of bamboo
  • No assembly needed
  • Free shipping in the continental US

Mason Bee Himve


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