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It doesn’t get any easier than taking care of airplants.  Since they absorb the nutrients they need from their leaves, the only thing you need to supply is water.  Once a week, mist or soak the airplane in water.

Airplants have no roots.  They do not need soil or fertilizer.  Provide indirect sunlight;  florescent  lighting is sufficient.

Globes are perfect environments for airplants, but displaying them is only limited by your imagination.  They may be mounted on wood, set on a candlestick, hung with cord, or grouped on a platter.

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Airplant globes make perfect gifts.  They are easily personalized and we have  a great assortment of accessories to make your gift special for your gift giving event.  If you don’t see a pre-designed globe that meets your gift giving need, please email or call us and we will design one for your need.  We design globes for weddings, graduations, conferences, banquets, or any event you would like  a specialized gift.

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